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Topic: Materials Science





Emerson Barrett


Georgia Tech


Emily McGuinness

Graduate Student
Georgia Tech

School of Materials Science

and Engineering

Polymers At Work

Medium:  Digital


At the beginning of this project, Emily McGuinness and I sat down to talk about her research, which in-part covers the filling of polymers with inorganics. She provided me with some of her papers and presented a PowerPoint which she had created for a conference covering scientific research in an educational and creative way -- this PowerPoint is where I drew a lot of inspiration for my piece. My piece covers a couple of different facets and uses of polymers, including their usage in electronics and in textiles; the shirt and strings represent the textiles described, and the tie-dye on the shirt relates to how Emily presented her research at the aforementioned conference, showing a polymer being filled with inorganics. Finally, the background of my piece is a page from one of her papers that she sent me very early on.

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