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& Leisen


Paulina Schuler

- 4th Year Undergraduate Student

- Computer Science

- Georgia Tech


 Dr. Johannes Leisen

- Faculty

- Nuclear Magnetic Resonance

- Georgia Tech

The NMR Lab at Georgia Tech

Medium:  Digital (Print Poster)


Nuclear magnetic resonance is an analytic technique used by scientists and engineers. It is best known as MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) in medicine, where it is able to look into the human body. Chemists use NMR spectroscopy to determine chemical structures, but applications go beyond that: NMR can also probe how molecules move (molecular dynamics) and order (morphologies).

The NMR laboratory at Georgia Tech is a big hall, which contains several very strong magnets. It appears like the inside of a spaceship coming right out of a Science Fiction movie. In addition researchers have named all of the equipment in this lab after Star Wars Characters. This inspired us to design an informational poster with a Science Fiction theme. It shows “Luke,” our largest magnet, and invites researchers to find out more about what can be done with magnetic resonance.

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