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& Malaguri


Jawad Khan

- 3rd Year Undergraduate Student

- Industrial Engineering

- Georgia Tech


Dr. Siva Theja


- Facuty

- Industrial Engineering, Applied Probability and Optimization

- Georgia Tech

Dynamic Evolution

Medium: Physical Collage


Dr. Siva Malaguri and his team produce research centered around the areas of Control, Optimization, Algorithms, and Applied Probability. This piece visualizes six domains of his team's research: Ride-Hailing, Stochastic Processes, Queuing Theory, Cloud Computing and Data Centers, Communication Networks, and Reinforcement Learning. This physical collage was constructed using magazines and other public literature material that exemplifies the application of optimization in the real world. From the creation of the Tech Tower to the refraction of light in the crystalized glass, humanity can find stochastic behavior throughout nature. The drastic differentiation in color illustrates the harmony between math and the world surrounding humankind. Creativity is often thought of as a phenomenon relegated to the arts. However, mathematics has an unquestionable beauty to it that's shielded from the average person.

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