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& Shen


Madhubala Ganapathikrishnan

- 1st Year Master’s Student

- Supply Chain Engineering

- Georgia Tech


Dr. Eric Shen

- Research Scientist

- Molecule Synthesis

- Georgia Tech


Medium: Digital


Examples of materials that exhibit Electrochromism are Tungsten oxide, viologens, and organic polymers such as polythiophenes. Some common electrochromic devices are smart glass, smart windows and tinted rear view mirrors, which are known to be energy efficient and aesthetically pleasing.This art is an abstraction where a human hand is shown to generate an electric current (electro-electricity) that in turn produces different colors (chromism-change in color), to give a metaphorical representation of the user control in electrochromic technology. The art can also be viewed as subtly portraying the humongous potential of the human mind, the interconvertibility and conservation of energy, the ubiquitous nature of change, and the universal truth of non-duality.

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