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& Johnston


Elizabeth Ross

- 2nd Year Undergraduate Student

- Biomedical Engineering

- Georgia Tech


Alexis Johnston

- 2nd Year Doctoral Student

- Chemistry

- Georgia Tech

Dual-Acting Antagonist

Medium:  Acrylic on canvas


This piece reflects the application of research focused on designing and testing compounds that target two malfunctioning sites responsible for prostate and triple-negative breast cancer. The cells in the painting are both prostate (orange) and triple-negative breast (red) cancer cells. The molecule drawn is the dual-acting KDM inhibitor-androgen receptor antagonist, which prevents androgens from binding to cells and shuts down KDM to ultimately stop cancer cell replication. It is shown attacking the cancer cells in a sick patient to result in a healthy patient. In this piece, I aim to demonstrate the power of the drug and the impact of this research on cancer treatments at both the full body and cellular levels.

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