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Topic: Psychology





Thulani Vereen

Dance Canvas Atlanta

Chris Gravely



Francesco Fedele

Georgia Tech

School of Civil and

Environmental Engineering


Escaping Plato's Cave

Medium:  Dance


Inspired by the Allegory of Plato’s Cave, this work aims to show the journey to the true nature of being. We explore what happens when a being ventures from the depths of the cave where people are shackled by a distorted reality shaped by stress and anxiety, to the tumultuous process of detaching from these chains, to questioning then embracing what could be, and finally to discovering a reality shaped by truth and light. Just because one has discovered the true nature of being does not mean that they have truly escaped the cave. My take on the allegory questions if it is truly possible to escape the cave. Perhaps it is forever embedded within all beings, even those who have ventured into the true nature of being. 

- Thulani Vereen

We explore the universality of human vulnerability and strength during times overwhelmed by stress and anxiety. These silent and invisible beasts can drag us into the Plato’s cave. Here, we only see the intermittent reflected light of small fires and the shadows of our fears, our distorted perception of reality. We empower the two beasts to keep us hostage in the Plato’s cave. It is within us the strength to win over our fears and walk away toward the true light of reality.

- Dr. Francesco Fedele

Escaping the Plato's cave I

Medium:  Charcoal

Escaping the Plato's cave II

Medium:  Charcoal

Escaping the Plato's cave III

Medium:  Charcoal

Dr. Francesco Fedele attended Dance Canvas' 2020 Summer Choreographic Residency at Atlanta Contemporary. After the 

performances, Dr. Fedele introduced the idea of working with a choreographer for Georgia Tech's Science.Art.Wonder program. Dance Canvas looks for innovative projects for dance artists in the community, and this collaboration with Dr. Fedele was a perfect way to bridge a connection between arts and sciences.

Dance Canvas paired Dr. Fedele with choreographer, Thulani Vereen. In addition to being a talented artist, Thulani is also an 

Engineer by trade. Her skills in both arts and technology bring a unique perspective to all of her projects. 

Dr. Fedele, Thulani, and the Dance Canvas artistic team met virtually to discuss concepts and Dr. Fedele and Thulani decided to explore the concept of Plato's Cave. Ideas and theories surrounding human vulnerability strength, anxiety, isolation and enlightenment helped to inform the project,

The team engaged composer Chris Gravely to create a sound score. Thulani worked closely with Chris to create an ambiance through music and sound. Thulani also worked with film maker, Prime, to film the "cave" and "light" footage. Thulani choreographed the dance film and directed the vision with feedback from Dr. Fedele and the Dance Canvas team. Dr. Fedele, a visual artist, himself, was inspired to expand upon the concept with his own artwork. Included in the Glitch project are three charcoal drawings that Dr. Fedele created over the course of the collaboration.

For more information on the project, please contact Dance Canvas, Inc. 


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